Patrick Riley

Patrick is a life-long Gloucester resident who works as a carpenter.  He first got into yoga as many people in such a line of work do, due to a back injury.  He found the exercises in physical therapy helped with the pain and improving function in his life.  When he took his first yoga class, he was hooked instantly to the endless amount of poses, the flow from one pose to the next, the breath work, and the awareness of spirit.  All that can happen in an hour and fifteen minute class blew him away and really dedicated him to the practice.  Having a mostly Forrest-inspired yoga practice throughout his journey, Patrick sought out and tried many other styles of yoga.  He remains open to learn all that he can to further his student's practice as well as his own.  After completing the Yoga JowFlow teacher training, he now enjoys bringing all that he has learned into the classes he teaches to create a yoga style and flow all of his own.