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Restorative Yoga and Meditation with Janet Green Garrison

Restorative Yoga is an excellent “first class” to bring a friend for whom even gentle Hatha Yoga may be too active.  People who have had injuries, surgery or physical conditions such as high blood pressure will also find Restorative Yoga a breakthrough experience. 

This class is considered a therapeutic style of Yoga. You will learn and practice how to reduce the stress levels in your life with simple breathing techniques, guided meditations and supported postures that promote a sense of serenity and calm.

Restorative Yoga is often called the “Yoga of Being,” rather than the “Yoga of Doing.”  The class moves through 5 to 8 different postures that completely support your body so that your body melts into place and your nervous system can slow down into a deep, conscious state of calm. 

"In early April I attended a 5-day Teacher Training at Kripalu Yoga Center on Therapeutic Restorative Yoga taught by Jillian Pransky.  Her research, experience and demonstrations presented a perspective on Restorative Yoga that has made me rethink many of the Restorative poses that I have been teaching for years.

I now have an even deeper understanding of why and how Restorative Yoga can be a very powerful, healing modality for everyone.  Adding meditation or contemplation of the depth and pace of the breath while in supported poses deepens the healing effects of this important practice. I am looking forward to sharing this more up to date information with my students and hope you will join me on the 2nd. 

For anyone living in our modern, fast-paced, high-tech world, this experience can be a real gift. The cost is $25 and pre-registration is appreciated as space is limited. yogaforhealth@comcast.net, 978-281-5525.

For more information: www.yogaforhealth.info

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