Mandy Moffett

Mandy is commited to bringing the joy, peace, and pleasure of strength that she has found in yoga to anyone who ‘pulls up a mat’ in her class.  She strives to bring you a physically and spiritually balanced practice by incorporating breath work and the experience of her own dedicated personal practice  into her classes. She welcomes people of all ages and physical abilities, aiming to provide a challenging, satisfying  and healing experience to all.  

Mandy has been practicing yoga since 2014 with Paula Passanisi, and graduated from her Yoga JoyFlow teacher training in October 2016.  She is a full-time IT professional, mother, spouse and illness & injury survivor.  She knows first hand the incredible healing power that yoga can have on both body and spirit.  She is a resident of Gloucester MA, and graduated with a MFA Ed. from UMASS Amherst.

Personal mantra; Sthira and Sukha, steadiness and ease; effort without tension - relaxation without dullness.