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Holly Clay

“I try to teach from core places, leading practices that nurture in safe and effective ways.”

Yoga entered my life almost 20 years ago, while taking Education courses at night. Super stimulating days and nights filled me with mind-buzzing energy which, like the beast it was, needed taming. Since both contemplation and movement had always helped me slow down, yoga made sense. I started attending classes regularly.

Both my body and mind liked the dance of postures. The further down the mindfulness path I went, the deeper and more lush was the scenery. The journey has inspired a “trying on” of yoga styles, products of Eastern & Western
traditions. The beauty of yoga’s natural rhythms, the deepening and lengthening of breath and postures, stand at the center of most of these.

My formal training began in 2007, when I completed a certification course to facilitate yoga with children, adolescents and families. Soon thereafter, I went to the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA where I received my RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certification. I have continually studied different approaches to yoga since then, including taking a course in yoga therapy. These days I offer classes year-round at the Gloucester Yoga Collective on Main Street in Gloucester and in summer in Annisquam.