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Yoga entered Holly’s life about 20 years ago. The practice has led to personal discoveries and a more universal outlook. “From the start, my load lightened and the ups and downs got smoother,” she says.  “I got stoked and set my heart on learning how to share yoga’s feel-good benefits.”

Thinking first of her inner city students, Holly completed a kids’ yoga training in Washington, DC.  This quickly led to a 200-hour RYT program at White Lotus in California. Then, she moved to Manila, Philippines. There she brought yoga to adults and children, students as well as orphans and street kids.  Eventually back in the classroom and in studios in the DC area, Holly continued to teach and further her understanding of the science and art of yoga.  She studied in the Anusara, Iyengar, and Ashtanga traditions and took courses on yoga therapy, yoga with wounded “warriors,” Circus Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness for youth and adolescents.