Ashtanga-Gently Inspired

Classes combine influences from a range of yoga traditions, both Eastern and Western. Sessions are based on Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga approaches and incorporate principles and methods drawn from workshops, literature, meditation and yoga therapy. Holly encourages students to get in touch with their natural rhythms, lengthening and deepening the breath, postures and sequences. Accommodations for different experience levels, ages and stages are offered.


YogaJoy Flow

Yoga JoyFlow is a Forrest-inspired yoga practice that uses intention setting which encourages self-inquiry and promotes powerful transformation in the student's yoga practice, and also in their lives.  It focuses on inhaling into the the struggle in different body parts and softening on the exhale. The poses are generally held for 3-5 breaths so that the student can get to the edge of the struggle and breathe through it, knowing that if they can do that in their yoga practice, they can do that in the rest of their lives as well. We release the neck early and keep it relaxed throughout the practice so the brain can receive the messages from the body.  We do core work near the beginning so the abs stay turned on for the rest of the practice.  The middle of the class focuses on strength and integrity in the poses. During the spirit part of class we recline, reaping all of the benefits of the practice.

Yoga for Kids encourages self-expression as well as the development of confidence, self-respect, and respect for others. Students learn breathing and imaginative relaxation techniques, postures, and group games. Through this playful class, children will have fun while improving strength, flexibility, concentration, and coordination.

Yoga for Kids 

Yoga Warriors

Yoga Warriors is a class for current and former military, fire and rescue, law enforcement, sworn officers, medical personnel and their families. Also for anyone experiencing PTSD from trauma related to health issues, domestic violence, childhood trauma, or sexual assault.